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About “Mike Berkey”

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

Good design is in an investment that pays off during construction. Just as a sharp axe makes the work of chopping easier, a well-designed set of drawings makes the work of building go more smoothly. I am looking for a drafter who understand the value of their work in the larger context of a construction project, who is meticulous and experienced.

About me: Mike draws on extensive experience with industrial, residential, retail, and educational buildings to provide designs that are buildable and cost-effective. Mike has the expertise to handle very large projects—he was the project engineer on a $600 million expansion of Sears Tower—but is also experienced working within the budget constraints of very small projects. Mike received his master’s degree from Stanford University in Structural Engineering.

Licenses: IL (SE), WI, IN, IA, MI, CA, & MO

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