How Building Design Experts Works

How it Works

Understanding what we can offer you

Building Design Experts has been created by professionals with experience in the industry as designers and contractors. We have built an industry focused website aiming to; provide a platform for building design professionals, facilitate freelancer design work, provide access to the design experts with the credentials/experience you need from all over the world.

We also want to strengthen connections between building designers, facilitate educating, learning  and sharing of resources. Below we explain what we can offer you through some FAQ's regarding  how we operate. You can always contact us if you have further questions we'd be happy to help. Refer to the About us page for more on who we are and why we are doing this.

  • How do I work on projects as a freelance designer?

    Getting started on projects as a designer

    Start by creating a professional profile. Build a portfolio, add a resume and  outline your expertise. You can bid on projects posted to the site and get started on a job once selected by a client.  Build up a high rating and strong portfolio to widen your options and win more work. You can refer to our guidance to a winning profile below. 

  • How do I hire design experts as an employer?

    Find and hire experts

    Create a profile as an employer. Once you have a profile you can begin posting projects and seeking out particular types of experts with the experience and specialization you need. 


    Shift through expert profiles, and select the expertise, licenses, and experience you need.  You can filter by  previous client ratings and the building design experts quality rating which you can read more about below. After posting a project, you can invite specific experts with the expertise you need to bid on the project you post. You can also chat with professionals before deciding to hire. 

  • How do I learn from and connect with experts?

    Access to design Information

    As part of our effort to strengthen connections between designers we offer you free access to our articles, expert communities and forum. You can interact with other expert designers and join communities so that you have a team of experts who can help you as you complete projects. Clients can also freely ask specific technical/non technical questions to designers/contractors in our forum. Contributors to technical forums are rewarded by the rating system outlined above. 


    On our blog we feature regular articles related to industry news and trends. We also feature industry experts on a wide range of topics.

  • How much does it cost?

    We only take a small cut of projects you find and work on through BDE. Everything else is free.

    We host employer and freelance designer profiles for free. We give designers access to jobs and allow you to bid on projects for free. For employers, we allow you to post jobs for free and give you access to experts local to you and further afield. BDE provides you access to our forum, knowledge communities and blog for free.


    If you win a project on the site we take a 7% cut of the fee. We help handle disputes and help ensure secure payment as part of our service to you. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details. 

  • How do we vet freelancers before their profile is posted?

    Before profiles are posted there are minimum entry credentials

    We aim to provide clients/employers with easy access to trusted credentialed professionals vetted by licensed industry professionals. Whether you need an industry veteran, with various licenses and proven expertise or an up and coming talented BIM/VDC professional we can help you find dependable, trustworthy and talented designers . We also want to help designers by creating a platform where their skills and expertise are be truly valued and understood by their employers.  


    In addition to identity verification, to have a profile posted on the site, the freelance designer must at a minimum have; 

    1) Completed a Bachelors degree in a related field and;

    2) Posses a min of 2 years of industry experience in the design sector they specialise in or provide 3 positive previous client testimonials related to the expertise advertised. 


    Please read below to understand how we rank profiles on the site.

  • How are profiles ranked/ratted?

    We operate a dual rating system.


    1). Designers are given a star rating based on previous client testimonials for projects completed through 


    2). We operate a points system in which freelancers are assigned a badge/ranking/title based on years of relevant industry experience, third level academic credentials in a field related to their expertise and professional credentials including licenses, professional certifications and membership of prominent industry organizations. Designers can also gain points based on their site presence including completion of a full profile with a portfolio where clients can see past work, submission of technical articles that passes expert review and technical contributions to the forum/communities/knowledge hub. 


    Each profile is reviewed and ranked by licensed industry professionals using the objective points system before it is published to the site. Professionals are assigned points based on the strength of their profiles using the criteria mentioned above and outlined in the graphic below.  Profiles are then assigned a badge of Rising Star, Subject Matter Expert or Seasoned Industry Leader based on the points accumulated. 

  • How do I boost my profile?

    Here are some of the ways you can win the most lucrative contracts.

    The best way to attract the best clients and win the most lucrative contracts is by achieving the highest level attainable in both of our rating systems outlined above. 


    The two components of the rating system are customer reviews and our proprietary badging system. Designers are awarded an objective badge (following our points system outlined above)  based on relevant industry credentials. To boost your profile, the most effective ways of doing this, in order of importance are:


    1). Professional licenses 

    2). Proven Industry Experience

    3). Academic Credentials 

    4). Site presence including; a portfolio and comprehensive profile which helps clients understand your past projects success and expertise, technical articles for our knowledge hub blog which pass our experts review.


    There are no short cuts. Please see the guidance document below for help and suggestions for creating a winning profile and what factors help you achieve the highest badge. 

  • Can BDE add something else?

    We are always open to ideas

    This goes for all designers and employers; if there is a consensus view out there regarding how we can better this service, how we can better meet the goals we have outlined above and push the industry as whole forward we would love to make this facility better for all. Please let us know through our contact page. 


We assign badges based on industry credentials and experience so you can easily find the level of expertise you need.

See our Guide to a Winning Profile below