What we do at Building Design Experts

What We Do
At Building Design Experts we have created a marketplace for experienced, competent and credentialed building designers. We have also created an industry focused hub for building designers and other stakeholders who are interested in seeking out and learning from a network of building design experts. We host professional profiles and provide designers with access to projects that meet their location, specialisation and more. We also provide clients access to vetted and experienced designers. Through our platform we facilitate secure transactions between designers and clients once a contract has been agreed. You can read more at our how it works page. We also host a technical forum, and a blog to encourage discussion around various building design topics; both technical and non-technical.

We use a composite vetting systems based on customer reviews and a badging system based on industry experience, academic/professional credentials and previous client testimonials. Our vision is to give building designers: a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge; the ability to find projects that best aligns with their specialisation and the independence and freedom to work from wherever they are. We help clients find vetted, credentialed and experienced building designers so they can meet their specialist design needs with professionals they can trust. We also want to: inspire professionals to learn from and educate fellow designers through our communities and forums; build a hub for building design knowledge and provide clients free access to building professionals before embarking on a design project.

Who We Are
We are licensed industry professionals providing a platform for Engineers, Architects, BIM specialists and more. Here at BDE we want to do this because we know every building project includes a multitude of design challenges and we know design consultants will not have all the in-house expertise to meet all the challenges on a particular project . We also know that clients want to find verified industry professionals with the right expertise and experience that they can trust. We are passionate about our industry and the professionals within it and are driven to provide a platform for building designers to showcase their skills and connect with other design experts and potential clients. We want our members to be able to engage in short/long term contracts with a variety of clients and have access to a wide range of design opportunities . We want to ensure that the professionals we connect you with are certified and verified professionals.